Satisfying Individual Desires or Moral Standards?

Individuals desire many things which they believe will make them happy, such  food, drink, sex, wealth, fame and power.   Freudian thought holds that desire operates at the deep level of our unconscious minds. Having desires without investigating it is wrong.  According to Aristotle, a human being is special because of the ability of critical reflection. Rationality is key to finding what is good and value for the human being. Hence  desires have to investigated to find out what is good for a human being. Therefore, can we argue that human values arise from critical reflection of the lived experiences?

Making Code of Conduct aware to all Officer Trainees

A possible Code of Honor for Officer Trainees attending Foundation Course can be: 1. Devotion to duty / learning requisite competencies 2. Dealing with colleagues, faculty and staff in a courteous manner 3. Sportsman spirit A career in civil service is more than doing a job. It means putting public interests ahead of personal interests. A good training program should create an environment where practice of ethical values is encouraged.

Ethics in Action

Ethical values have always been regarded as an necessary quality of a good civil servant. It is in that context, civil service aspirants are tested on subject of Ethics in Mains Examination of a Civil Service Examination. Once an aspirant gets selected and joins public service, he needs to sharpen his knowledge of ethics by practicing in day-to-day situations. A good training program should afford opportunities to Officer Trainees to practice and reflect on Ethical Values.